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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Radha Kaise Na Jale (Do)

Vasu and I were having a field day. We were smiling upto our ears. Panty after
panty. Oh a blue one. Oh look an yellow one. Look look a zebra. Ayyo..chee does
she wear one? Wow. Oooh..aah. A few other kids sensed something. Pretty soon
couple of them joined us. Girls sensed that something was happening. Something
bad and something odd. One of them a 'shiny' one quickly grasped whats happening.
Suddenly girls became very aware. Skirts adjusted. Disgusting looks forwarded.

Vasu and I were like, "Oh, so the show is over. Lets go for lunch". But the shiny
girl didnt leave the matter there. She straight away headed to us and gave us the
most venomous look. She looked pure evil. The weakest of us shivered. She informed
us that we were heinous than hyenas and all girls are our sisters and that she
is going to report this class-less act to the head master.

Vasu and I were like, "Go ahead shiny. We have seen worse. This isnt even an issue
for us. Oh, by the way, I know you wear orange. Its you, who is class-less"
. Rest
of the kids didnt agree with us. They begged for pardon. We didnt budge.

Shiny one promptly reported the 'upskirt view party' we held during the 'no class'
hour, to our class master. An eerie silence filled the class room. All fingers were
pointed towards us. Class master asked me and Vasu to stand up. We stood. Vasu
pointed to me and said that it was I who started it and it was my idea in the first
place." Shut up" He shouted. "You Scoundrels, you bastards, you sons of guns, you
" he became overwhelmed with anger and he slapped Vasu with all his might.
We all felt the resonance. Vasu's skull literally hmmmmmed for a while inside
his head. He just went blank and somehow managed to point his finger to me
before he fell on the desk.

Still shaking, the master approached me. The whole class looked forward to what
was gonna happen next. Especially the shiny one. When the master lifted his
hand, just like in movies, Radha stood and said,..

What did Radha Say? Has she turned against Smiley?
What ordeal lies ahead of Smiley and Vasu?
By the way, what happens to 'Appu'?

Radha Kaise na Jale (Teen)

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