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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Radha Kaise na Jale? (Ek)

I used to 'draw' when I was a kid. A lot of pictures. One of my favorites was 'Asiad Appu'. Appu was the mascot for 1982 Asiad games. I drew lot of Appus. One day my dad gave me a certain gift called 'Poster Colours' and a No.2 Camel haired brush.

I drew an Appu in my drawing book and filled it with Poster white. On the head
of Appu I put a Bindi using my mom's 'Tilakam'. It came out well. Kids trickled
in to see 'Appu'. Within couple of days I have proudly added 'Art by :-)' at
the bottom.

The word spread to school.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon when I was walking home for lunch (home was
nearby), Radha came running to me. She stood in front of me, caught some breath
and said, "Smiley, I want to see your Appu. Also, can you teach me how to draw
an Appu?"
"Yeah sure, I will get you my drawing book tomorrow."

That night I drew a rose in the same drawing book (hoping she would get the
message). Next day I took my drawing book to school. My best buddy Vasu found
out that I was acting a little different that day. Every other second I was
looking at Radha and Radha was looking at me. We were blushing.

The inevitable happened. When I was looking for something in my box, Vasu found
out that I had a drawing book inside. He took out and marvelled the art.

When girls bend, their skirts get lifted. If you are clever enough to bend down
a little at the same time, you can see their panties. I had a fetish for that view.

I found out that the first bench girls were the most talkative and the most
gossiping. A lot of other girls used to group around that bench. Some of them
used to bend over it, listening intently and not realizing their up skirt views.

With evil intentions in mind, just the day before I convinced Vasu and rearranged
the benches in the whole class room. Instead of being next to the first bench we
were side to the first bench now. The results were more than rewarding that day.

I also had plans that day to give my drawing book to Radha in the lunch when nobody
is watching us. Our Telugu teacher didnt show up that day. Which left us with
'No class' just before the lunch hour. Some kids opted to go out and play.
Some stayed back to make airplanes and boats stuff. Most of the girls chose to
gossip, bending over the first bench.

Now, what does an upskirt view have to do with an 'Appu'?
What evil intentions does Vasu hold in mind?
Will Radha win Appu?
Radha Kaise Na Jale (Do)

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