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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

_ r _ _ m _ Limited (Uncut)

V.O (Voice Over): Run Run.. they are coming.

From the middle of the woods, she emerged out of the fog. Riding on a horse,
galloping towards me. It was her long, care free hair that was flying
backwards that caught me. She was holding something in her hand. A flower?
She bent towards me to give that to me. Thats when I noticed that she was

I pulled her hand with might and she fell on me. I rolled and I was on top of her.
The water bed had fish inside. It was as if we were on a jelly aquarium. She laughed
and adjusted her pillow. I snatched her locket and threw it off. Either she
didnt notice or she didnt care. My index finger traced her cleavage. It didnt
travel far, stopped by her bra. I reached her behind to unhook the bra. Failed.
Looked helpless at her. She enjoyed my ineptness with her bra.

I: Is it a hook?
She: You should know.

Instead I slipped one strap off her shoulder. The other off her other shoulder.
I pulled down her bra up to her navel. I bent and pressed my mouth around her
navel and blew air. She twisted in laughs. I held her hands. Spread them wide.
With my one day beard chin I tickled her stomach. She had tears laughing.

She: Please Please Please leave me.
I: Say, I love you.
She: I love you.
I: Say I love you twice.
She: I love you.
She: I love you.
I: Say I love you thrice.
She: Shut up.

I released her hands. She got up a little to hug me and whispered in my ears.
I kissed her cupping her right breast.

We rolled. Fell into the sand. Wet sand. I went down a little. She tasted salty.
Another fresh wave broke on us. We drifted for couple of seconds. Finding ourselves
in a new position. Then I told her,

I: Dude, I dont get this.
I: You dont get what?
I: She was naked once, wearing a black bra in another second.
I: She was naked when she was riding horse, now we are somewhere else. By the
way who are you and what am I talking to you. Wait a minute. You!!!
Get back dude. Get back.

I: But...

She flickered. She held my face with her soft palms, kissed on my lips and said,

I: Also, how can fish live in a water bed. ...and when you fell, you should fall
on a floor, not, INTO a beach.

I: Shut the f*** up. I know. I know. You better get back to sleep dude.
Please, I might loose her.

She flickered again. She beckoned before she was gone.

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