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Friday, October 07, 2005


I started this blog around two years back. I was heavily influenced by
Unified Blog Theory back then and thought that this blog is for myself.

Nevertheless, I would make it public. If people wanted to read it, let them
read. But I am gonna blog for myself. Well, that was the idea.

I wanted to keep the blog simple, non opinionated and basically easy going.
Smiley was the natural choice. He basically symbolized Joie De Vivre in a
simple and elegant manner.

Thats how it was for a long time. Few HBMers who knew me occassionally
visited this blog and occassionally left a comment. All of that changed with
some gay comments I left on Alpha's blog. (Note: I am not gay).

Those comments and what followed later defined the character of Smiley.
Smiley made friends with an amazing lot of people. LL, TP, Adi, Sensai,
Mahati, Leela, Alpha, Babita, Neil etc. (in person) Patrix, Fairy, nonick,
Gabby etc. (online).

While it lasted I enjoyed the humour it brought, thoroughly. Esp, Alpha,
nonick and TPs. Hunting down Leela on every comment box (not
necessarily mine) was shameless and classless, but priceless too. :-)
Detective Fairy is such a game. She is a very cool techie.

Thats how it was for a long time. HBM got dissolved. Alpha quit.
Lee left. TP vanished. Nonick took an off. My blog got back to its
original status. Few people who knew me occassionally visited and
occassionally commented on it.

Then all in a sudden, after two long years I decided to install a counter
on my blog. On my day one I expected something like 5-10 hits. (I never
registered my blog with any search engine). I was shocked to see 50 hits.

Needless to say, it all came from Desipundit. My post Your friends wife..
got an entry on Desipundit and attracted all that traffic. (If I hadnt installed
that counter probably I wouldnt have known about that entry).

Thats a good start for a counter. :-)

On the second day the counter registered another 56 hits. Once again almost
all the hits came from Desipundit. Another entry in Desipundit explained it all.

This blog is never intended (unlike the other A class blogs) for a larger base of
readers. But its a good feeling when the stuff you write is read (and sometimes

I thank the team at Desipundit for doing an excellent job of bringing the best
of blogosphere (and giving Smiley an entry into the best of the blogosphere).

Based on my experience, I humbly present this world a new verb


verb. To have your blog mentioned on

1) Can you believe it! That silly post of mine about picking nose in public got Desipundited!!
2) Man! Look at the number of comments I got today. I must have been Desipundited.
3) She writes so well, all her posts are Desipunditable.


Earth Monkey said...

If I had thought of "Shameless, Classless, Priceless" I would have used that as the title of my blog. But that was a time when time I was 'sleepless' so I called it "Insomniacs..." :)

Wow, I was mentioned more times than anyone else. I think this is love. Are you sure you are not gay? Wanna maybe give it a shot? lol ;))

If you ever need anything, like more hits, more comments, you know who to ask... :):):)

Ya know, of all the things in the world, I miss Angeethi right now. Like it was on my good-bye dinner. I think they serve the bestest food on the planet. Not like that slapdash cheese steak they serve here. *belch*

:-) said...

Monkey: LOL...yeah..Shameless, classless and priceless does sound like a blog title. Suits me.

Number of hits is not what I am bothered. Hit to Score convertion ratio is all I am interested in. Your gyaan is most welcome. :-)

Yeah yeah cheese steak sucks. .angeethi rocks. :-)

Leela said...

Congrats Smileypundit! Your new posts are a much better reflection of you.

Yeah, I remember the shameless, classless days… I’ m lucky I had Alpha around to protect me :-)

Earth Monkey said...

See da, the hits to score theory says that the less you are hit, the more are the chances to score. Actually the best averages are when you totally give up on the blog altogether and reach 0-hits. Trust me, I know. :))

Just let your 44" do the talking :)

Ash said...

Thanks Smiley,
That wa sboth adorable, and very flattering :)

Good to see you blogging more frequently !

GratisGab said...

Interesting. The shameless, classless days obviously...very curious here..

So I rank last of the amazing people? See that might explain why the relationship is not progressing :)

Desipundit hasn't been around for 2 you can credit yourself for day 1's 50 hits.

:-) said...

Leela: Yeah..all the shameless flirting you did with me. :-) Btw, what happenend to you friend Alphu? Is she still around?

Monkey: If thats the case why do I even need a counter? The need is to score. Not get hits.

44" !!!!! Its always in your mind. :-) Leela, make a note. 44" attached to an Xbox.

Minnie: Thank you. These days, I am mostly jobless. :-) (Not that I was jobyes before).

:-) said...

Gabby baby: You are not last. You are latest. (Now, say that in Rajani style "Ee Gabby late gaa vachinaa latest gaa vastundi".

anantha said...

Smiley: Loved that last line that you had for Gabby. See, anybody who quotes Thalaivar (even if the quote is in Telugu) is a friend. Have been contributing atleast a handful of all those hits you are talking about and I think I shall contribute more :)
Oh btw, for some reason, your blog template does not show up right on Firefox. Your text is reduced to a column thats about 2 inches wide. Works perfectly with IE, but just thought i shld let you know, with all those Firefox users around these days.

:-) said...

anti: Dude...Nice to meet another Thalaivar fan. His latest lukalukaluka is already a rage in Andhra. :-)

Yeah, so many people have complained about that Firefox thing. Its on my ToDo list. :-)

Leela said...

Gabby, those were the days! Smiley’s blog was the online hangout for a crazy bunch of us – Alpha, TwoPenny, Adi, Fairy, Nonick, Patrix, Babita and yours truly (have I missed out anyone?)

No one remembers Smiley’s posts during that time (sorry Smiley)… but we had a blast in the comment box. Haloscan has (fortunately or unfortunately) gotten rid of the evidence. Smiley couldn’t decide between having a fling with Patrix or flirting with me or taking Fairy out to dinner. By the look of it, he’s still hasn’t gotten anywhere…

Twilight Fairy said...

Lee, you forgot Yogu and the multiple anon commenters who were a result of smiley's multiple personality disorder :).. aah..Those were the days my friend..

:-) said...

Leela: Wait!! A dinner with Fairy is still due. :-) How come youall forgot Radha kaise na jale and other suff? Aai? Yeah Leela, remember the good old days. Come. Fall in love with me.

Fairy: Ayyo Fairy, all those anons werent me. I am suspecting its alpha. :-)

Leela said...

Smiley stop pinching Yash Chopra lines! Come fall in love... indeed!

Fairy, how could I forget! *smacks forehead*. Yeah the multiple personalities were fun. I've forgotten the names, except for one - 'Nonickers'.

:-) said...

Leela: Dont tell me you forgot Tightass Tanaka and TrickBaby

alpha said...

OMG, you all having fun without me!VERY BAD< I say! Oh yes...those days were great..smiley..this template is better..we'll get back to action here for sure!

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