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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



This one is Silly's favourite. I flickred it. :-)



GratisGab said...

Same pinch! Charcoal is my favorite medium too. Was fun going thru your pictures till I started to hit some of your socks and you 'frig and then your wash basin too!!????...New camera kya? Or are you trying sell your stuff? :)

Author by the brook said...

hope u had a good puja :)

Earth Monkey said...

Good ones da... I used to sketch too. But I lost em all.
damn this habbit of throwing away things I am done with... :(
Maybe I will start again. Have been doing lotsa office caricatures these days. Done one for almost everyone I know here. On their whiteboards with markers. And a special original quip for everyone that goes along with the caricature. Awsome fun they are :)
My favorite quip is for my friend Vix. It says ViX - Single [strike]and Straight[/strike] (with straight striked out) :)) hahahaha...

:-) said...

gabby: Same pinch. :-) So you didnt like my collection of Jockey's?

Author by brook: Whatever it means. Baby you know a lot about yourself. 97 sentences. Huh.

:-) said...

Earth dude: Man!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see your whacky sketches. Vix one is good. :-)

Non-Sensei said...

chk out
The next gen is taking up the HBM. we shud be feeling like proud papas. :-)
do u have the username/password for can we get it from LL/Neil?
msg it to me...i'll pass it on.

succubus said...

We have decided on a the date (finally)
But the place is still undecided … we are open for polls
Tentative places for meet up:

Eat street (necklace road)
Coffee day (any fucking one- as of now)
Baristta (any fucking one- as of now)

Any other joint … provided a large number of noisy people are allowed to hang around with out spending little or no money.

As of now…

Any Blogger planning to be in the twin cities on the
29th of October 05
needs to watch this space …
for details on the next official

:-) said...

Non dude: Yeah..are we even invited? Who is this angel chick? Sure, I will pass on the password and username to you. Give me a day. It was Babita who originally created that website. :-)

Succubus: Thanks for letting us (old timers) know. :-) I will pass on the info to Babita and Non Sensai. :-)