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Saturday, October 08, 2005



"The Web is not just a library of documents, but a stream of events and
people," says Flock co-founder and Chief Executive Bart Decrem. "And
people are spending a lot more time sharing on the Web."

They are going to release the Beta in a week. Check their website

Open Office 2.0

Larry once said that the key is the Office suit. Not the OS. Sun made a
strategic bet long back on StarOffice. In Sun's tradition they donated it
the community. The result is . But OpenOffice suit so far
limped behind Office. Not anymore.
OpenOffice RC (Release Candidate) 2.0 is as good as Office 2003.
I tried it and am impressed. I am sticking to it.

The world is not enough

For Larry and Oracle, the world definitely is not enough. Oracle buys
yet another database company. This time its Finnish open source
database company.

Oct 12 thinks this time its not 'Yet Another Upgrade To Nano'.
A possible upgrade to the Mac lineup itself is on the table. Whatever it
is, I have my eyes and eara open for Steve's announcement.


Anonymous said...

"nonick took an off"
smiley, iam still around.will comment when there's something interesting or when i've time.
love ur blog and all those who comment.

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:-) said...

*sniff* *sniff* Hope something interesting comes up pretty soon.