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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fools paradise

My first thought was, "I dont think those legal notices served to Gaurav
and Varnam are from IIPM. In the first place, I dont think they are legal
notices at all. I wonder if any one called that Saxena dude and verified it

The article ran by Jammag indeed is frivolous journalism. At times it is
almost a ridiculous article. (The campus photographs of all IIPM centers
are published on the homepage of I wonder why Rashmi had
to send someone to checkout the architecture and stuff).

All ads are hyped. Period. Duh. Whatever.
To obviate further clinical analysis, for Christs sake, its an ad.
IIPM runs (like any private educational institute in India) on strong
media hype. Last year, educational institutes were the largest segment
when it came to print media advertisments. (Education tops ad spending)

But yeah, people at Jammag has every right to run the article and express
their opinions.

Freedom of speech is a silly trump card. Everybody has one in their pocket.
If Jammag has FoS, so does the students of IIPM. Their freedom
of speech doesnt appeal to popular taste. But appealing to popular taste
didnt stop Larry Flint from calling pope a gay and an ass***e. It didnt stop
Howard Stern from airing a contest of "Who can fart longer" on prime time.

Sorry dudes, if you use your FoS trump card, then the students of IIPM use
theirs and will call Rashmi a lesbian.

(Larry Flynt won a landmark Supreme Court decision on February, 1988
(Hustler v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46), after having been sued by Jerry Falwell
in 1983 over an offensive ad parody in Hustler that featured Falwell. The
decision clarified that public figures cannot recover damages for "intentional
infliction of emotional distress" based on parodies. )

But then, Desipundit has every right to codemn this cheap act and to call for
a reaction. The aftermath would have been a great case study for Malcom
Gladwell for his Tipping Point. Desipundit did demonstrate the strenght of
the net.

I strongly suspect that the management of IIPM has nothing to do with the
phoney blogs and the silly legal notices that followed. I strongly suspect it
was these pissed off students who pressurized the management (who inturn
would have been pissed off by Gaurav's disparaging comments on IIPM and
its Dean) to bully IBM. (Lenovo).

I strongly suspect that that bunch of smart ass students who patiently set
those phoney blogs and comments, created those silly legal notices and
pressurized management and IBM are laughing their asses off right now.

I congratulate Desipundit on an outstanding job and the power it unveiled.

I hope this incident doesnt step into the main media.


Anonymous said...

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GratisGab said...

Nicely put Smiles.

Earth Monkey said...

Smiley, the incident has already made it to the main media (from what I hear)
And it is plain old school rebellion. It shouts I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO ANY MUTTERPUCKER SUMOBAPEACH WHO WANTS TO SUE ME FOR A MILLION ZILLION. Its not about IIPM or IBM or Chaudharis. Like I said, its only about spirit of rebellion.
Nothing better to stir up our imagination... :)

The beauty of it is that the worst hit will be IIPM and the students. This is a bloody PR disaster. Its for everybody to see. To top that they cannot hold the case in any court. If anythng, Gaurav and co. could walk away with some damages himself. I like the fight in those kids. I am almost inspired to get into the deep end. Write an article myself and see what IIPM can do to ruffle my feathers... Yup, I love the smell of a dirty fight in the morning... :):)

NonickHey, long time. I am the n'th incarnation of the devilchild Two P. And I want something from you. There was this post you wrote once titled 'Easter'. Could you like mebbe send it over to me? my email is millionthmonkey [at] rediffmail [dot] com.

Smiley, sorry for using up your bandwidth. But its free only na. Come on, you can buy me beer and we can call it even :)))))

Earth Monkey said...

too many typos in the last comment. Damn, I'm getting old.
But the question, as always,
is Two P or not Two P...

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

How u been smiley?

Twilight Fairy said...

hmmm.. and why shdnt it have made to main stream media? For once, IIPM would have actually had something to say abt this publicly, instead of sending (phoney) notices to ppl..

:-) said...

Gabby: Thanks.

Dude: I agree that the legal notice and any further publicity is only going to damage IIPM. Yup, its gonna be a PR disaster.

What are you waiting for? Start a new blog. (As if you werent a rebel before). :-)

:-) said...

Cyn babe: Its been such a long time. Now, come near and give me a hug. :-)

Fairy: Because if that legal notice is a phoney one, lot of bloggers would end up in red faces. :-)

Leela said...

All I can say is that you’re begging to be fisked.

As if the issue was about calling Rashmi a lesbian. Heck, call her a five-legged goat even. Freedom of expression etc. But how come IIPM isn't refuting Rashmi's claims?

If Gaurav Sabnis said A.C. was full of crap, A.C. supporters are free to start their own blogs denouncing Gaurav and telling him where to get off. Why try to muzzle him by going through IBM. That isn’t FoS, now, is it?

Incidentally, advertising may be all hyperbole (I should know! Part of my job is exactly that) but some of that hype has got to stand up to scrutiny. If you claim to give free laptops and someone questions the veracity of that, you are required to prove it. Let’s not give advertising a worse name here (it’s maligned enough already).

Going along with your suspicions that it might be the students who sent the legal notices and pressurized the management to bully IBM, I’d say that’s a pretty wimpy management. What kind of ‘management’ are they teaching, if they can’t manage their own students?

Tut tut Smiley. Better arguments needed :)

Leela said...

And how come you haven't turned on word verification for comments? Don't tell me you believe in Freedom of Speech for spammers too :D

:-) said...

Leela: As far as the management of IIPM is concerned, they cant address every article and journalist and keep on issuing 'clarifications'. No wonder they havent responded to Rashmi's article.

Pressurizing IBM is not exactly FoS. But there is no rule that tells you to play by FoS. If IIPM can play the rowdy boy, it will. We are not living in a perfect world.

"Heck, call her a five-legged goat even."
"A.C. supporters are free to start their own blogs denouncing Gaurav" to quote you.

And thats my point too.

Desipundit didnt think so. So it started off a black wash campaign on AC, IIPM and its students.

"This time it is personal. Rashmi Bansal, JAM editor and a popular blogger has been attacked by so-called IIPM graduates" To quote from

:-) said...

I like the feeling that this blog is spam worthy. Let me bask in spam glory for a while. For the convenience of my readers, I can bear little spam.

:-) said...

Leela: ..and we can foever argue about truth in advertising. If Soundarya saabun Nirma is good then IIPM is good. If Fair and Lovely gets you a handsome husband then IIPM gives you an "International MBA". If thanda means coca cola, then IIPM is Stanford.

:-) said...

I would like add something.

1) As far as I know there is nothing called a "notarized email". Indian law requires notice to be delivered by post and also "authorized digital signatures" are required for digital ones.

2) Why would give away Gaurav's address and telephone numbers to IIPM and its lawyers?

3) Notice never elaborated on 125 crores defamation.

4) Digital content can be altered anytime by Gaurav. IIPM has no "proof" in this case at all. You cant use cache as proof.

5) If a lawyer did send that notice he already knew he is not going to win this case.

6) So, its either to scare the shit our of Gaurav or a phoney notice made up by the students.

Patrix said...

>Desipundit didnt think so. So it started off a black wash campaign on AC, IIPM and its students.

Whoa!Whoa! Wait a minute. We casually mentioned it when Gaurav got the "legal notice" but got real serious when IIPM "fake blogs" attacked Rashmi and Gaurav recieved a real threat which ended in loss of his job. That was the tipping point. MSM should be involved because no matter how high we think of ourselves, we have a limited reach and it is important to report a public case of fraud whether people want to hear it or not. There are 2-3 important issues, first being supression of freedom of speech (personal opinion-based), threatening tactics of IIPM (laptop burning, etc) and fake blogs, and refusal to refute JAM's claims (the origin of the controversy). Everyone exaggerates their ads but no one lies and if they do, we have the right to call their bluff and demand an explanation. E.g. I would challenge Coke/Pepsi if they say their product is good for health...thatz not exaggeration, thats a lie.

Anonymous said...

blogging does strange things to otherwise normal ppl.its nice to see people voicing their views and being heard. consequences have to be also weighed before voicing our views.and why is it always " bloggers against the world"?
bloggers should only stand together for issues that are really convincing. if u ask me i think the whole issue is really irrevelant. there are so many other serious issues to die for.

tp: hi! my posts died with my blog.


Earth Monkey said...

Nonick, noproblem :)
And you are right about the IIPM episode. Thats exactly what my neurologist told me. That I should learn to prioritize things as worth-fighting-for v/s too-trivial. I think the 'gyani' way to go for Gaurav n Co. would have been to chicken out and apologise. Take a punch and grin - the Gandhian way. My doc would have been so proud of me if I found myself in Gauravs place and had backed out. But I seriously doubt that would have heppened.
I think I need some more sessions with my doc before they can release me in the wild :)

PatrixCoke was originally advertised as a patent medicine.
As the truism goes - its all true until its proven otherwise :)

Smiley, you guys carry on the good fight da. My doc suggests I should take it easy :p :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

tp:chicken out and apologise?
i dont think so. maybe just get a little wiser while enjoying all the attention. journalism is serious business. when a blogger decides to venture in there maybe he should weigh the consequences and be ready to take it in his stride.

gandhian way? too complicated for our times. neurologist? ever tried water therapy?
works like magic. esp if u are pms-ing.cheaper and effective. drink lots of water.cools the body and basically leaves us with no time to think while we are running to and from the loo.

Gaurav said...

Dude, you need to get all facts in. The Dean of IIPM, Sandeep, has gone on record to Hindustan Times saying that they plan to sue me for defamation. I have the mail headers which show the mail has come from IIPM's SMTP servers. It is an official mail address. It was the Dean again, who mailed IBM/Lenovo. You think just a student would be able to talk to a country manager level guy on a weekend?

Anonymous said...

Gaurav:welcome to jdv. pls take no offence.Tp and me are currently undergoing therapy.


Twilight Fairy said...

smiley if at all the notices are phoney, it wont be the bloggers who would be red faced.. it would be the ass who would have caused all this by being silly enough..

IIPM is anyway gonna be red faced - phoney notices or not, coz they have anyway been pointed out as liars (also by Outlook and Cfore).. irrespective of what they did to suppress an opinion ..

Anonymous said...

fairy, cant we be objective here.this is something that's going to happen every other day. some of us will voice our opinions in our space. will be sued for it.
iipm handled it very unprofessionally. other than that there is no issue here.


Leela said...

Hmm… I’m tempted to ask if the Gaurav above is Therealgaurav or the real Gaurav. Oh, the end of innocence!

Anon’s (Or is that nonick?) water therapy reasoning is hilarious!

Earth monkey, where are my chocolates?

Twilight Fairy said...

no nick, exactly the issue.. the way IIPM handled it is what's exactly the problem.. and it doesnt take much for such things to become a norm if they get successful..

Smiley, finally the post for gabby is up at moi blog.

Lee, for you too :)

Earth Monkey said...

Nonick, I was trying to say that my doc would have liked an apology. Not me. I'd rather fight. But of course I would not want to fight a pms-ing chick. I am not THAT crazy... :p :))

Gaurav, do you plan to counter sue IIPM? For loss of job, emotional damages and such. I know its not a question for right now. But you must have thought about it... :)

Leela, babe *muah*... where were you? The chocolates have moved to Dallas. When are you coming over, haan?

Anonymous said...

i've got to patent it.scientifically its being proved that the pms problems are caused partly by dehydration hence the theory. bu i think all the running helps too;)


Leela said...

Fairy, no way. First, you say it's for Gabby. And second, I'm too envious to read about people who enjoy 4-day trips to Paris. :'-(

Monkey: You're in Dallas?! You promised a stopover! Hah, now i want chocolates AND an iPOD.

Nonick, patent it quick! I love the running part. Makes perfect sense. When I ran the marathon, I had no worries :)

Btw, Smiley what're you doing in Delhi? The marathon??

Anonymous said...

fairy: ever heard of the saying "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" ?
maybe its a just cause but gaurav made the mistake of being vulnerable. hope all of us learn something from this. next time we throw stones let it be from a fort.


Anonymous said...

patrix: ha the mighty patrix himself.

nonick: I love you

Tp: I love you too.

Gaurav: Relax dude. its time for a massage and a beer.

Leela: Lailaale lailaa.

Fairy : its Delhi and a full moon night. sigh.


GratisGab said...

Leela - Hon, it's for Gabby but you're heading the list! And at least if you're on her blog you wont have somebody hitting on you all the time :)

Smiley, nooo, of course I wasn't talking about you. *batting eyelashes innocently*

Twilight Fairy said...

aw c'mon Lee (see so many ppl manao-ing u :p)'s for gabby and a whole bunch of others, including u.. but in smiley's mind it's only for gabby :)..
and dear, no descriptions of Paris whatsoever.. (yet) :)

Smiley, after all these years you did have your sapna sakaar.. of being in Delhi during a full moon night eh? :)

nonick, if a glass house means blogging by your actual name and putting ur actual mail id on ur blog ..then maybe I am in a fortress already .. Lemme try throwing some stones now :)

Adi said...

My first reaction to this article was "dammit, another one"

If whatever JAM says is true, then I fully agree with whatever Gaurav says on his blog. I think it is despicable the way these so-called "educators" have made education a crass business. You think IIPM is the only screwing with people's lives and careers? come to delhi man, u'd find "top class B schools" at every corner

its not even funny

GratisGab said...

Ads can really screw with you. For example, TF's post has been advertised as a "post for Gabby" but that is not entirely true :)

Twilight Fairy said...

gabs, it wasnt "advertised" like that.. one needs to use simple, associative and familiar terms with smiley :)..

Anonymous said...

fairy: very innovative . i peeped in there sligthly apprehensive. if in your enthusiasm u had tried to commodify me as "nonickers", i mean in europe u can find anything.
i loved your self portrait also ie tiolet cleaning liquid?

Leela said...

OUCH! My poor stomach... Have a heart, Gabby. :(

As for hitting on people, I wouldn't put it past Smiley to hit on the spammers out here. Eh, Smiles? :)

:-) said...

Alrighty girls. if nonick says so, lets be objective and discuss more important stuff like moon light dinners and curious kid's ever running nose.

Leela: Dont fall for TP. He is a monkey. Remember the Baboon? Ask me. What do you want? Chocolates? iPod? Me?

Gabby baby: Me hitting Leela? Come on. I am too busy for stuff like that. Wait a minute, there, it is my girl friend calling me. I will get in touch with you later. bye.

Fairy: Yeah, I agree with you baby. Give me a sec. Let me check your website.

anons: Thanks for advertising your products on my website.

:-) said...

Adi: I was in Delhi the last two days. But my days were so crammed I couldnt meet you.

I agree education is not fun. :-)

:-) said...

Gaurav: Dude, I sincerely apologize for underestimating the foolishness of IIPM. I wish you all the best.

Twilight Fairy said...

nonickers, yeah..dhoondhne par to bhagwaan bhee mil jaata hai :)..

and no, that's not toilet cleaning fluid re.. it's bartan chamkane ka fluid..

Earth Monkey said...

Leela, wild monkeys are hairy (chicks dig that). And we get our red bottoms from generations of kinkyness. Its in our blood...

Smiley is just jealous :p :))

I got chocolate... Smiley, what have you got???? :))))))

TF, Nonick
toilet cleaners? chamko fluid? chick talk... gah!!!

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