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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Delirium now

Consciousness is beyond your mind and beyond emotions.
Is it beyond love?"
In a way, yes, it is. When your love is universal and absolute,
it is not 'love' anymore. It is the truth.
Then why is it so hard to achieve?
Because of desire.
Lust, greed, ... loving someone and wanting to be with them, comes under desire?

Is sex a form of desire or is it a way to...
Its a form of desire and at the same time it is a way to liberate yourself from
How? I guess you are contradicting yourself.
(Smiles) How?
(Whispers it in the ear)

Wow..I didnt know there is so much more to it.
You were eclipsed with desire. You were kept from the truth.
Will I ever find the truth? Will I ever find 'The One' who will share the truth
with me?

(Smiles and after a long pause says...) You will have to find it out.


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