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Friday, February 27, 2004

A scented bunny shaped eraser-III

My dad was stunned. He narrated to me how many shops he went to and how much time
he spent on buying that bunny eraser for me. My mom scolded me. She said I was not
worthy of being her younger son. I cried. My brother added that I was not worthy
of anything. I wept.

My dad gave a verdict that atleast the remaining bunny should be protected from me
and that my brother should keep custody of it. That hurt me and I threw fits.
No one cared.

The next day, my brother and his friends kicked my buddy Vasu's butt and grabbed
the bunny's head. They somehow managed to restore the glorious original shape
using a certain glue called 'Quikfix'. My brother became a celebrity.

Vasu cursed me and called it 'Cut off'. That hurt me like hell. I some how managed
to hold my tears. Radha thought I was lying to her. That hurt me more. Why would
I ever lie to my love Radha. I would have given her the whole bunny if she wanted.

I also ended up standing on the bench for three out of eight classes on that day
because I missed all my home work.

Needless to say, the 'crap' kid and I became thick friends later and remained
so for the rest of the year.

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