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Friday, February 27, 2004

A scented bunny shaped eraser-II

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. In the divine hands of my dad was
a bunny 'shaped' scented eraser. Not a 'scented eraser' 'inside' a cheap plastic
mould. It was the real thing. It was the H-Bomb. The eraser itself was bunny shaped.
That night I almost didnt sleep.

The next day at school was glorious. Glorious. We all boo'ed the crap kid. Radha
even smiled at me. I loaned that eraser to her for an entire maths class. She used
it. It looked so beautiful in her hands. Thoughts of marrying her came to my mind.
Radha and I would love each other eternally. We will do our home work together
and we will use the same bunny eraser.

Things dont just go the way you planned.

At the end of that glorious day, my dude-of-dudes and dude-of-the-year Vasu buddy
came to me and asked for the unexpected. He wanted me to cut that eraser into two
equal halfs. He wanted the head part. Without any hesitation, I bit the head part
and gave it to him.

I went home. At home, my brother and four of his friends were waiting for me. Looks
like the news of 'Scented Bunny eraser' spread across the class rooms. My brother's
friends wanted to see that thing. The new cool in thing. My brother proudly stood
among his friends. He is elder. He knows that I have to obey him. He said,
"Now, show me that bunny thing".

I tried every classic act. Right from " I have a constitutional right to not
to show you dudes my eraser"
to "I beg you to trust me. The head master took it"
and finally to "You have to promise me that you wont tell dad".

When I took the half bitten bunny out, my brother's friends 'thooo'd him. He
was humiliated. He felt embarrassed for having a brother like me. He kicked my
ass and reported the whole thing to my dad.

what happened next..? know tomorrow in
A scented bunny shaped eraser-III

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