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Sunday, February 15, 2004


For a while LL and I feared that probably it will be only two us at the meet.
Then came this guy. 'Adi'. (Rhymes with 'Maddy', thats how he pronounces it like).

After a while, this dude with a digital camera named Neil joined us. Even though
the fact that he uses Netscape bothered me, I ended up liking him. One thing is,
he is got a camera, another thing is he was born in Assam.

Then two disoriented dudes joined us. One of them has a private blog. He is a
strange aberration to my upcoming post 'Evolution of Co-bloggers' for my
'Unified Blog Theory'. (If you are confused with the previous sentence, consider
yourself normal.)

Then I had a chicken tikka sandwich. (alpha, I know you are counting calories).

Then came 'neverbeenbetter Babita' with a flashing and promising smile. She said
something like 'Babita is not my actual name, its my pet name. Eventhough its
my pet name I use it like my actual name. So what you think my actual name is
actually my pet name'.

Then, I had a doughnut. (A zero calorie one).

Then this strange Aaditya guy joined us. He blabbered, 'fire fox, emacs rules,
debian kills, fsf and oh-my its my folks'. He joked something about Bill Gates.
(Duh). He offered some insights into a bloggers mind.(Duh) Needless to say, he had a
beard. (Duh). If not for the good looking Vaishalee who accompanied him, I would
have gotten into 'oh emacs sucks. vi rocks' thing.

Vaishalee posts as 'Small Tiger' because she posts as 'Small Tiger' because she
posts as 'Small Tiger'.

By then the disoriented dudes got really disoriented.

Then Neil and Adi (rhymes with Maddy) read out all the railway and bus stations
in East India. All of us carried cameras and all of us took snaps of all of us.
(I should confess that Babita and Vaishalee got more coverage.)

Then we filled a questionnaire, introduced ourselves, talked about blogging,
cartoons , comments written in Berkely's unix code, LL's age, his good looking
shirt and our non existing girl friends.

The disoriented guys got disillusioned and left.

Vaishalee had a coffee.

Adi (rhymes with Maddy) told us a Bill Clinton joke, a Bill Gates joke and a
Sardarji joke.

Vaishalee and Aatish left. (Vaishalee paid for more than she ate. I have plans
to donate that extra money to 'Poor Bloggers Foundation'.)

Neil thus spoke and left.

I paid the bill and every one paid me. I ended up 30 bucks richer.

We all left.

By the way did I mention that Babita and Adi (rhymes with you know what...)
sang songs?

Oh, by the way, did I mention that alpha won the contest? We were nine people.

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