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Thursday, February 26, 2004

A scented bunny shaped eraser-I

Long time back I was a kid. I used to go to school. Back then, we didnt have
'Reynolds' pens. We were rural. We used pencils and plain refills. The most
commonly used pencil was 'Nataraj'. An odd rich kid used to have an 'Apsara' pencil.
'Apsara' pencils were beautifully manufactured pencils, with color coats and
cute cartoon pics on them and with a small eraser at the other end. Those kids were

Every kid carried his own eraser. Cheap 10p Khaki colored military erasers to
expensive pink colored scented erasers. Cheap erasers tore pages. Scented erasers
allowed you to make as many mistakes as possible with your spellings. Kids with
scented erasers were revered.

On a sunny day, one kid brought an 'Animal eraser'. It basically was a rabbit
shaped plastic mould. It innocently looked like a cute Rabbit. But if you opened
it, you would find a scented eraser inside. Viola. The smell of that eraser filled
the entire class room. That kid became an instant celebrity. I turned green.

In reality, that kid was crap. But he had that eraser. When my love 'Radha' was
after him, for that scented bunny eraser, I turned red.

I cried for three full days. I spat on my mom. I went on hunger strike. I refused
to go out and play. I submitted a cost benefit analysis to my dad. I pitied myself
to death. My dad was so fed up that he promised a 'scented bunny eraser' 'pretty

I forgot about it in a day. In couple of days that crap kid became just that.
Crap. Radha ignored him.

After a month or so, when I was least expecting it, my dad came to me and said,
" Look what I have got".
I looked.

expect the unexpected tomorrow in..
A scented bunny shaped eraser-II

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