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Sunday, February 08, 2004

jdv @ Chennai Central

The fat hindi speaking bitch

I prepared notes for one full week. Printed tons of sheets from the net. Made
a file. Travelled to Vijayawada and had a big long meeting. Sacrificed two days
of sleep. I was fully prepared. But she simply said "yes" to everything. Our
meeting lasted 7.5 minutes. All of my requests granted.

An old friend

That left me with tons of time. Called an old buddy. His wife is pregnant and
is in Bangalore. He was just coming back from work. Couldnt get better I thought.
He sensed me and said,'Oh yeah lekin I gotta go back to work again'. So much
for an old buddy. How much, women change men.(!)

Change of Plans

I had a ticket booked for Hyd Express that evening. I changed plans. Ordered the
travel guy to cancel my ticket and book one for pinakini to Vijayawada and deliver
it to my room. I had my own ideas and was looking forward to a glorious journey.


Looked at the book, 'Men are from mars and women are from Venus'. That is one
book I always wanted to read. I opened the book at random.'Give her a hug four
times a day'. It was printed in bold. My spirits were dampened. The book suddenly
looked like a worm in my hands. I looked around. Its been a while since I read
fiction. (Life of Pi was my last). I found Jeffrey Archers 'To cut a long story
short'. Wow. Short stories by Archer. You cant ask for more. Looked around.
Found 'The Present' by spencer. Wow. Lucky me. Bought the books.


Then I headed to Hot Breads and ordered one bread omlette, one chicken puff. Had.
Looked around. Moved on to another store. Had an egg puff. Moved on. Had an
orange juice. Moved on. Had Curd bath. Curd bath basically sucked. Had. So, moved on.
Had a black forest pastry. Moved on. Mmmm. A new snack store. Ordered 'Kaal' kilo
Pepper appalams. Got into the train. (I certainly know how to spend time at the
central. I once lived there for two days.)

The journey

Short story after short story. Appalam (chekkidam) after appalam.
Destination reached.

More food

Headed straight to DeeVee manor. A cousin of mine joined. Had chilli chicken and
some soup and ofcourse couple of large Smirnoff vodkas.

@ Home

Reached home at 11:45. Dad opened the door. He already had three large Rums.
I didnt look at him. He didnt look at me. Slept like a rock.

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