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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bre Bre Bre he he aake.

Just returned back from a three day Tirupati trip. I havent reached
Hyd yet. Halted in Vijayawada. I am already missing Shredder.

So I asked Zee to hit the road and bring shredder along with him.
Amazingly, Zee obliged. Now I cant wait to freak out my mom with
Shredder. I hope Shreddy learned a trick or two to make my mom go
eeeeeeew.....eeeeeeew.....eeeeeew. (Like, Shreddy can eat a newspaper
and can puke it out whenever you ask him to).
(My mom is not exactly a dog person).


:..M..: said...

Now it's starting to sound like a girl who got a new boyfriend.

Except you are a boy. And you've a new boyfriend. And that boyfriend is a doggy.

Gangadhar said...

Hope you reached Hyd by dis time!!

pallavi said...

I loved Zee

:-) said...

yummy: yeah...more or less. :-)

Gangadhar: I will, by tomorrow night. :-)

Pallavi: You will. :-)

Swathi said...

oh ur poor unsuspecting mom

Twilight Fairy said...

shredder? hey he looks like a curious cookie to me :)...

din know u were actually serious abt a dog when u mentioned that in ur rani mukherjee post! well all the best! its like having a baby in the house..happy parenting and potty training :)

:-) said...

curious cookie? aayyaaayyaayaai.