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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bring home a bahu. Babu! III

I understand your concern. Yeah. I have traveled far and wide. Met people from all kind of tribes, countries, continents, religions and customs. Met the most beautiful women on this planet and the most intelligent ones too.

Moms widened their eyes.

At the end I have realized that I need a cheerful companion in my life. Everything else is c in a plus b square. Hmm..I don’t know how to define cheerful companion. See, its basically two people living together and working together. Together is good when there is a common goal. Together is good when one make compromises for the other. Together is good when one knows their weaknesses and respects others strengths. Like the way Vinny and I work together. I love women who enjoy life and who can accommodate people. Someone who understands and respects my goals. Someone who can enjoy a coke, pop corn and watching Finding Nemo. Someone who can accommodate me. That’s it I guess.

Moms fell silent.

Anything else?

Yeah. I like husky voice and light brown eyes.

We all fell silent for a minute. The evening breeze added certain heaviness to the situation. Younger one started looking at the coconut precariously hanging from the tree and my parked car below it.

A little later, suddenly, one thing added to the other. The matrix suddenly revealed itself. A wave of comprehension and joy overwhelmed me. It swam upcurrent and came bursting out of my mouth and eyes.

Do you know anyone with these qua…

I cut my mom and said.

I know who it is mom. Rani Mukharjee.

Rani who? Chorus.

Rani Moo..Khar..Zee.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew you are in love with someone. Who is she? Where does she live? What does she do? Younger one hugged me with unlimited joy and streams of tears.

Bhale. Bahle. Seeghramevakalyanapraaptirastu. Elder revealed her pearls quiet uncharacteristically and took her sutram out and kissed it.

Bring home Rani. Babu!

I will.

Moms blessed me with their hearts filled with joy and radiant hope.

Next day morning Younger one called me to remind of the pressure cooker. She also told me that the night before moms thanked Goddess Durga for revealing the girl on such an auspicious moment. She also told me that the moment I took my car out the coconut fell. It’s a good sign. I am going to get what I want. She told.

I am sure. But I am a little worried soul. Because, I am planning on buying a Great Dane at the end of the month. I already named him Buddy. And I am not sure if Rani likes pets or not.


:-) said...

I wish everyone a Happy Ramzan. Haleem, Biryani and warm hugs. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

the last time i was at Infant Jesus's Shrine i ligthed a candle for u. the hot chick is going happen fast.
happy ramzan/belated diwali to :) and gang.


Prerona said...

she does i think. i saw her in some movie with a dog.

if she doesnt, u can always donate the doggie to me. its one of my lifes dreams to have a great dane at some point

rj said...

dude i am upset... i like bengali chicks with dusky voices ... and chicks who are pleseantly plump...i like chicks with weatish complexion too.. oh wait a minute.. i think i am in love with Bips and not rani ..;) :D ... may u and rani leave happily ever after!!

Earth Monkey said...

Smiley, take Prerona's hint. It is like a HUGE neon sign :)))))

And read this.
Think you'll like it...

Earth Monkey said...

The link didt come. lemme try again...


GratisGab said...

O boy! You have Part II and III too! Nothing like wifey-talk to get Smiley's creative juices flowing huh? Or is the image of a buxum bengali enough?

O well...don't know. Rani is cute but a bit toooo chirpy dont ya think? So when is the shaadi? Planning a trip for the year after next. Please to be coordinating.

GratisGab said...

Buxom, not buxum. Buxum sounds like I'm adding a bum to it.

Stop blushing people, I get to talk like this...gonna be a mommy after all! Hee Hee!

:..M..: said...

LOL! God. I almost thought you were gonna get all serious in this post! This was absolutely great :)

:-) said...

nonick: Hai Ram. Alpha, Gabby ...see people are lighting candles for me. Gabby you better do something.

:-) said...

Prerona baby: In case you havent concluded yet. Lets go step by step.
You are looking for someone and I am looking for someone. You like dogs and I like dogs. You are Bengali and I am a Tingali. What are w e waiiii ting for?

My Dane might not like leaving me. For his sake, why dont you move into my apartment? I also have a pet monkey. His name is D. :-)

Hey, when we meet....what kind of flowers do you like?

:-) said...

Dude: *Sniff* Thats a happy ending. You are visionary, man.

Gabby baby: She is chirpy? But I know how to pretend (listening). I will make it up in the bed. :-))))))) Yeah, I am still looking for Rani's email.

But you know if this Dame thing I mean Dane thing goes right I might not need it. :-)

So you can fly? Are we getting married?

::m:: Thanks. When you meet Prerona, kiss her on the cheek and tell her its from me.

Swathi said...

watz with Rani's voice, i find it too irritating... but nywayz shez all urz (as soon as she accepts ur invitation)

Prerona said...

:), lol. listen i wanted the great dane ... not the 3 of u! anyway, i saw a new dog, a irish wolf hound, it looks even better than the dane. kind of big and sweet and a little bhondu. like big moose. btw, what tingali?

alpha, gabby ... are u guys sure this is not yogi re-born?

where is yogi btw?

Adi said...

Rani's taken .... u hear that ...


Anonymous said...

smiley:oops, candles wont do. will have to light bonfires for u , smiley.


:-) said...

Swathi: Irritating? Her voice is what is cool. Thanks for the wishes. Btw, Rani is a metaphor.

Prerona: Irish wolf? If its a rare breed then its going to be expensive. Let me check. :-)

Tingali is something that rhymes with Bengali.

Yogi is gone meditating. :-)

Adi: Man, do you have ruin my fantasies? Dont worry my boy. By default every girl ever born is taken. Its up to us to change the status.

nonick: LOL yeah...I should go to Paris.

Anonymous said...

smiley: the 3 mom in laws is big negative.

pre: tinglish=english speaking cool AP dude

Prerona said...

who's u, anonymous?