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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Halo Script ready (for the movie) and is sold to Universal for $5M and 10% Gross.
This script is further sold to Peter Jackson who intends to produce this
movie. According to a review, the script rocks.

Quiet predictably, the movie opens on Master Chief's visor.

We open on a SPARTAN HELMET, and a REFLECTION in its visor.

In the reflection, we see buildings. The design and architecture of the
buildings tell us this is not Earth. The suns are low in the sky, and bathing
the landscape blood red.

We snap back to show the full figure of the SPARTAN and folks we are
introduced to MASTER CHIEF (MC for short for the rest of this review).
Seven foot tall, clad head to toe in MJOLNIR armor, holding a

"What are my orders"? by Master Chief will be the opening dialogue.

India Vs China Vs World Vs India-China

Thats interesting.

Illusion of Gravity

Gravity, too, would be part of the illusion: a force that is not present in the
two-dimensional world but that materializes along with the emergence of
the illusory third dimension....(needs subscription)


I never met a Calorie I did not like !

He just rubbed my belly as if it was his.

Like the time he told me, “You know, the Europeans are very sexyful.”
I kept a stony face, silently groaning and thinking, spare me your conquests.

This was to be my first proper date. It was important. He was important.
And I was nervous as hell.


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Prerona said...

Please dont turn on the word verification!!!

I loved that (gabby) quote when I read it. It was so cute!

LOL at the other one. Must go and check it out.

Prerona said...

u should have left links to the post from which the quotes were quoted. i'm off to hunt for lila now

Anonymous said...

Lol @ word verification . No sweetie I am not.

Lila is absolute.


GratisGab said...

Leela! Ash! Notice how Swathi gets linked and we don't??

And all this while I thought Lee was the coveted one?!!!


Anonymous said...

Gabby baby: Is there anyone who doesn't know Gabby, Leela or Ash in the blogosphere? Aint Swathi the David here?

Prerona said...

Gabby, hes such a liar - just one comment before you was proved that there's someone who doesnt know who Leela was! And every now and then I do a Gabby! Who Gabby? cz I think u as Vie. :)

Anonymous said...


abby Lee, now is the time for you to strike back with a Kiaaaaaiiiiii.

Antonio Hicks said...

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Leela said...

Smiley, the Kiaaaiii is coming your way! Even your spammers get more mileage here than us.

Gabs, from what I see, Lee is sooo last year. Bengali is the new flavour.

Prerona-ji, I'm honored that you hunted me down. Um... that arrow in my backside kinda hurts when I sit...

Swathi said...

@gabby - shall have to clear ur myth i guess.

quoting from one of my favorite rants of Megha

the aforementioned ppl happen to b the Shilpa Shettys of the blogworld as ‘on the main line’ of the blogeratti, whereas I'm simply a sidelined cameo so that explains the link to my blog....

:-) said...

Lee: BengaLee?

Swathi: Yup. They are the queens and the stars. Lets hope you are one in making.

Swathi said...

oh no! not everyone is as lucky as Urmila in Rangeela!

Twilight Fairy said...

looks like I missed a lot of fun here! smiley I liked the Ph poem on stealing money from a wallet.. that was so Ph :p :)

BTW when you are writing abt marriage, how come spammers are giving you advice on "how to divorce" eh??

:-) said...

Fairy: Thanks Faily. I always had deep respect for spammers insight and wisdom. They never fail me.