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Monday, November 28, 2005


For some one (me) who loves numbers this was heavenly.

As many as 3000000 Xbox 360s will be sold this quarter.
Close to 10000000 game titles will be sold for Xbox alone.

Apple is poised to sell something like 37000000 iPods by the
end of this year. So far it has managed 17917000 iPods and
is storing 19083000 iPods for this holiday season.

Its know as the Threshold or Yield in Physics, Halo Effect in
Economics. I have a lot to comment on iPod and its ROKR.
To me this is the most important fusion. Probably the foundation
of Web 2.0.

Harry Potter ended up collecting more than $200000000 at
the box office in just ten days. If the book sales arent mind
blowing enough, wait for the total gross and the later DVD sales.

Sigh. If feels so good when someone is selling.


:..M..: said...

This time around, Harry Potter was worth the watch.

I was thinking about you through the movie tho!

:-) said...

Guess what? Last time I saw the movie "second time" for you. Now its your turn. :-) ...and...Pop corn is on me. :-)

Twilight Fairy said...

200000000000 <-- the no. of dollars you are willing to donate to me..arent u? well at least for the love of numbers? :)

Prerona said...

hey! thanks. will be back soon. joined work today. will get to blog by evening :)

:..M..: said...

Smiley, dear. As long as the popcorn is there you know I'll come! (And this time I can even mean what I say!!)

:-) said...

Fairy: For the love of a moonlight dinner with Fairy? Sure, I am bringing my best wine.

Prero: Sure. Take care.

Yummy: Oooh. Its so hot in here. Is it you or your comments? Would love to get wet in those ripples.

:..M..: said...

LOL! You can be so ridiculous at times!