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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Joie De Damaka

Dear Children of the land,

No, you dont have be sad because terrorists killed your fellow citizens.
You have a right to be happy. Dont wear black badges.

No, you dont have to save the environment by not firing crackers.
Those adults dont know what they are talking about.
Fire as much stuff as you can.

No, you are not creating sound pollution.
No one is asking jet planes to stop flying.
Buy the loudest ones and break all decible laws.

No, you are not wasting money by burning crackers.
Poor people can be helped. Not with your money. Definitely not tonight.
Make your parents spend. Burn holes in their pockets.

No, you are not putting weight.
Thats for grown ups.
Eat as much as can.

No, you are not putting yourself at risk.
Safety is for wussies.
Be adventurous. Burn a finger or two.

Steal. Burn. Play.

Be a child. Tonight is the night.


Prerona said...

reminds me of 'mamma will keep u safe from harm' :)

alpha said...

right on Smiley!!!! Kids should live just like we did!

Patrix said...

hum bhi agar bacche hote naam humare hota gablu-bablu...etc etc.

:-) said...

Prerona: :-) (that means I didnt get you).

alpha: Yeah, kids should be kids. Live 90 years and do what? Ruminate on project schedules and careers? Whatever happened to the good old fun and good old celebration?

patrix: by the looks, you look like a kid. Patlu.

Leela said...

Hmm... the politically incorrect Smiley usually surfaces around this time :)

But yeah, i'm with you on some of the points.

Prerona said...

no - actually i didnt get you. i read the other comments and understood - i think - what u meant by the post. at first i thought it was sarcastic. so i said it reminds me of that - which is a song from wall - its a mom saying how she's gonna protect her son from the real world types and its kind of sarci ... nevermind. i feel really stupid now. sorry :(

Earth Monkey said...

People are too desperate to grow up...
That's sad

Not me though. Never caught that disease ;)

Clickbank Mall said...

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:-) said...

Leela: yeah. :-) Celebration time.

Dude: We know that and thats why we love you.

Santa: Scroll down.