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Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog awards everywhere

Indibloggers are nominated. Except for few deserving, its a disappointing
list. Is Gaurav's blog a good blog or a popular blog? I would like to fire the
bench and appoint myself the supreme. Here are my nominees.

Male Humour
Penny, Yogu, Daman (by the way they are not blogging anymore)

Female Humour
Alpha or Megha? Lets schedule a cat fight and see who wins. (Psst thats just
to enjoy the fight. My pick is Alpha. Dont tell this to Megha)

Travel Blog
Finn Times (Sigh. The full moon.)

BNOUBA (Blogs no one understands but appreciates)
Ph, ::M::

Default Nominees
Patrix, Desipundit

Sexy Mom who blogs
(Hey send me some pics here)

Most redundant post of the year
Patrix's 2005 review of his posts post

Most grammatically correct blog
Absolute Lee


alpha said...

ha! thanks again. 2006 is my year in this blog!!!

psst..what's stopping us from having one of our own and nominating and awarding ourselves?
For you we'll have the DEWURTB award (Don't eat while you read this blog)

No cat fights with Megha please. She is pretty good and has a humungous fan following...I can't sing Hindi songs like her. and you know I am never politically correct.

Patrix said...

default nominees, eh? :)But you are right...I had expected humor, food, and travel categories since those really grew this year.

And about the redundant post of the year..grrrr...I was surfing through what I have written this year and thought why not share it with y'all...esp.since I didn't have anything new to write.

Earth Monkey said...

Patrix, rephrase - especially since no one read it the first time round? :))))

Smiles, the sense of humor is just a facade'. Actually I just want to blow up this planet while everyone is distracted :p :))))))

Patrix said...

Earth Monkey, I let my Sitemeter do the talking for me...also, the day it falls below 100, I make my blog password-protected.

:-) said...

i will take your word. I dont know much about Megha except that she can sing Chiranjeevi songs from 80s.

Yeah, why not our own awards? Sounds cool (obvious) to me. Hey, is there a category for me?

Patrix: Dude, whats a mela or award without you as a nominee? Its like oscar night without Tom Hanks.

Yeah I agree, they should have taken a cue from Weblog awards.

Fairy's travel blog deserves a nomination. :-)

:-) said...

Monkey: I have a theory called 'Patrix is the Matrix'. I will PM you.

Ph said...


:..M..: said...

I agree with you, sometimes I don't understand what I just wrote. It's a wonder I even get the few readers I do!

:-) said...

Ph : p
M : pq

Leela said...

Yippee, my blog's nominated. Even if it's in a silly category.

Twilight Fairy said...

Hey smiley, thanks for nominating finntimes! sigh, kaheen par to nominate hua (hope u understood this hindi)..and to think it's not even linked at ur blog :p

BTW why are u sticking out 2 tongues at :M:?

:-) said...

Leela: Thats a great category.

Fairy: Thats my tongue touching M's.

:..M..: said...

LOL!! Which is the only way he finds to reply to my long comments!!

Twilight Fairy said...

I thought so! but didnt know you would put gross details of your smooch out here :p

Megha said...

Damn! How did I miss this? Look ma, they're talking about me and they never even invited me to the party in the first place. Hmpfh!

Smiley, I knew you'd sidey up to Alpha, I just knew it. Tut tut. And all this just cos I don't comment much so you figured I wouldn't notice eh? (And to your credit, you were right.)

And Alpha, thankoo for thinking I am good. But you are the goddess in this matter.

:-) said...

Megha: Wait, contrary to the popular belief, I am not a blind pig. Send me pic.

Megha said...

You have those 'incredible sexy chocoloty browny edges' staring at you, no? Use a camera then, no? Blind pig indeed. Tsk tsk.