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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Of Macs, Modi, Mutton and Monkeys

Can an announcement last more than 90 minutes? It could. Says guessing on Apple's traditional Steve Jobs
presentation thats going to happen today. So whats being churned
by the rumour mills?

1) Intel Based Apple Tops
2) Cheaper Shuffle
3) Media Centric Mac Mini (Mounted on Front Row)
4) Several major media deals


I threw a gala party at a place called Alankrita yesterday. Honouring me,
everyone had their dinner in a bowl and with a fork. (Thats trademark
Smiley). This is what we had Rasam+Rice+Mutton Rogam Josh.
The ones who didnt know the art of eating rasam with fork drank
straight away from the bowls.

Thats not the point. There was a discussion about Narendra Modi Vs
Rajashekhar Reddy. Actually there was no discussion. Unanimously we
all agreed that Modi is the best in India. (Hard to swallow for the so called
secular Indians, but I havent met an average Indian who doesnt like Modi.)
Thats not the point either. The intellectual depth of the conversation got
me clean bowled. By the way, did I mention the capuccino Hukka?


Last week, during one of those lazy afternoons I returned home from office
to take a nap. While dozing I heard next door kid crying (both crying and
shouting) "Uncle, Uncle". I wondered what was happening and went to her
rescue. Standing at my door was a six year old, soaked in her tears. In front
her is a baby monkey making faces at her and scaring her.

I hugged her and stomped the baby monkey. "There is another one inside my
house. My mama is not at home. I am scared". I liked her honesty in admitting
that she is scared. She stayed with me untill her mom returned.

She revealed few things (kid notes) about me. Kids in the apartment are scared
of me. They like my TV. They love shredder. (All the kids routinely play on my
floor). Now she thinks I am 'good'. (Silly girls). 'You are good only' with
vigorous head shake.

Next day she introduced me to her friends. 'Monkey Uncle'. Stupid girls.


Twilight Fairy said...

"Of M, m, m and m" .. u started copying my style again? that girl *is* right.. you *are* a monkey uncle..

"stomped the baby monkey" - wait till you see Maneka Gandhi at your doorstep tomorrow instead of that li'l girl...

:-) said...

Fairy: Thats a possibility baby. and wait till that rowdy monkey bites Maneka's leg. :-)

Earth Monkey said...

This ( is to be my bike, not yours. You be monkey wanna also??? :p No no... I R Munkee... U Is Smiles...
ooooo ooo oooo aaaaa aaa aaa aaa