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Friday, January 06, 2006

Know Thyself
The net.

When Junior entered the room, Master Yoda was licking his armpits.
Junior greeted Master. Oh the one, whose pits are clean chits, Greetings.
Master greeted back. Oum.

Oh the master of masters, the one whose wisdom guided Adam to slow
down, I have a question.


Its shredder. Shredder shredded the known world to bring in a new
order, new kind, new peace and boundless hapiness to this new world.
But oh master, there is one thing that puzzles me about Shredder.
Why is he always trying to bite his own ass? The word in the woods is
that it has to do something with the last Buddha.

Master Yoda's pupils grew larger. Junior, the last Buddha is a myth.
All Shredder is trying to do is sniff his last meal.

Master, oh whose ear wax can light a thousand clouds, I know when
you lie.

Master Yoda sighed deeply. Alright junior. The truth, I warn, must be
contained. I will tell you why Shredder is trying to bite his own ass.

It was a different world. It was a different kind. It was a different master.
Humans they were. They called it the information age. The age of
knowledge. They truely believed that they were destined for greater
greatness, because they harnessed information. It was called the Net.

The last of Buddha called it Being or collective consciousness. The last
Buddha also warned, Thought alone, when it is no longer connected
with the much vaster realm of consciousness quickly becomes barren,
insane and destructive.

But the humans didnt think so, they integrated net into themselves
and called it Bionet.
They thought

harnessing collective intelligence
and real-time leveraging of the
two-way communication
finally make man himself, the God.

But then Shredder was born.


Know Thyself II
I shred.


alpha said...

"Master, oh whose ear wax can light a thousand clouds, I know when
you lie."


Didn't get still I. Biting ass, why was he?

alpha said...

first comment, why me?

alpha said...

for having not watch even one star trek movie..or is it Star wars..I do pretty good Yoda imitation. good it is!

:-) said...

alpha: Wait you must. Read you shall, part two.