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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dumb logic of the year

Just read on Megha's blog about this design nomination stuff. Hilarious post.
Not the post. But the logic of the nomination. Some stuff about Indiblog
awards is silly (I appreciate their effort. But lets call a dud a dud.)

1) They talked more about programming than nominations and content
2) They are proud about the Script they wrote that let people vote than
voting patterns and gaurding the privacy of the voters
3) Categories basically are silly and not comprehensive

Finally, if what I read on Megha's blog is true (read), well there is no point
in me rambling about it because I totally agree with her (whoever this
Megha chick is).

So here is my award to the Jury of Indibloggies
Dumb ass logic of the year award goes to for saying
that 'People who borrow (steal) templates from public domain are eligible to
nominate for a category called Best Design'.

Added later: Since is the default pit shop for every
Indiblogger I propose to come up with hosting the awards.
I will sponsor the award of 'Two day vacation with Smiley at Kulu Manali'
for the best female humour category.


Megha said...

'whoever this Megha chick is'

Hmpfh. Trying to bait me, eh?

Earth Monkey said...

Megha, dont ya love Smiles for trying?
Now dont tell me you dont ;) :D :)))))))


:-) said...

Megha: Yeah it did occur to me that it could be used as a bait. But just to make things clear, I am taken. :-)

(alpha, now we dont want you to comment on my status.This is another bait I am using.)

:-) said...

Ayyo Pennian: She is already in love. Now all I need to do is impress her with my blog template design skills.

Patrix said...

Two days will suffice??

Megha said...

Earth Monkey - We do we do :) We love Smiley just the same, no matter what his tactics are :)

Smiley - Dhat teri ki! Here I was getting terribly excited that finally someone was baiting me just to tick me off and it turns out it was all just an investment for a Manali trip. So sad. Oh wait, I just remembered. I didn't even qualify for that! Darn. Sigh.

mikejackson6030 said...

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:-) said...

Patrix: Should do. I am also planning to sponsor the second best entry in the category. :-) Now, dude, you do have a cute smile.

:-) said...

Megha baby: I too love you baby, no matter how your template looks like.

Twilight Fairy said...

"Megha chick", dont worry, smiley has been trying to take out "chicks" since eternity.. so far it happens only in his dreams. And on his blog.

Megha said...

Smiley - Baby!? Blech. Ugh. And don't think we didn't notice.

Twilight Fairy - Gratified to know that there are other sufferers. I feel much better. Thankoo.

Adi said...

ill throw in a free romp with adi ... satisfaction guarunteed, of course :-)

:-) said...

Megha: Was that a Belch or a Blech?

Fairy: It also happens in my Biryani packets. :-) You are so cruel. Cant you just call me and tell me that I am good enough for a moon light dinner?

Adi: You are so far off man. No need to mention the satisfaction part. Hook or crook, its assured. :-)

anantha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
anantha said...

*Takes the popcorn out of his microwave and plonks down to watch the latest flashback episode(s) of KSBKVMT*

(P.S: KSBKVMT - Kyuni Smiley Bhi Kabhi Vacation Mein Tha)

joel said...

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