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Thursday, January 05, 2006

La Vada


It happened a long time back. We entered second year during our
Engineering years and were bloody ravenous to rag junior. (We got so
thoroughly ragged during our first year that we were in a revenge mode).
A lot fun stuff happens during ragging. But this one lasted so long.

We asked a junior to attend a greeting formality at our room. When he
entered we asked him to perform a mono and mime act.

Do you know how to eat a pussy?
Don’t know sir.
Well, well, we very well know that you know. You have two options.
Either perform or die.

He started performing. He was surprisingly good.

With little encouragement from our side,
Yeah, you can imagine a table. No, no, first undress her. Yeah, she can
wear a sari. Wow man, go ahead. No you cant fuck her,
the show went well.

A little later another junior entered the room. I got a little curious and
told Junior2, Dude, Junior1 is going to perform some stuff now. You
have to tell us what he is doing.

Junior1, start all over again, No sounds please.

Junior1 promptly did his act.

So, Junior2, tell me what he was doing.

Without any hesitation, Junior 2 said,
Sir, Junior1 went to a Udipi hotel, ordered a plate Vada and ate it.

We all laughed for two full days.
We promptly nicknamed Junior2 La Vada. Junior2, for the rest of his four
years was fondly called Lavada ga.


Earth Monkey said...

"He was surprisingly good"
How would you know da?

Earth Monkey said...

"Either perform or die"
Damn man...
just imagine, if ever a girl tell you that...
Perform??? yoohoo... monty python will transform into a puny lizard :))))

Earth Monkey said...

Try this

:-) said...

Dude,he was good at acting re.

If a girl ever demands me like that I am gonna get nervous and fail. Man, this is between us.

:-) said...

dude, the link is coming up with nothing da.

alpha said...

funny..LOl @ earthmonkey...Smiley has died so many times I bet!

what's the 'ga' after Lavada? before you answer that question, whats the 'la' before vada?

:-) said...

alpha: Try demanding me.

Ga is like 'The one who is..'.

La is French. Used in Bangalore Engineering colleges for stressing on stuff. So Vvvvvada is La Vada. Nice ass is La Ass. Technically it should be Le vada. I dont need to tell you what Lavada is. Ask Penny.

Anonymous said...

smiley: la is used as a slang in malaysia for our version of 'na". when some friends came over from there it was like" come on la lets go shopping"
"no la its fine"
it was fun to have them go "la la" very soberly.


Twilight Fairy said...

la = the

and lol = laughing so hard that your cubicle neighbours wonder what went wrong! this was hilarious.. the vada.. OMG!

anantha said...

LOL.. La Vada..:))