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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Morning Saga

Yesterday I realized that , though I lead mostly an unorganized and
hour by hour life, I have a 'routine' in the mornings.

I prefer getting up early. I dont get lazy in the bed. If I am working out
(which happens rarely) I get up at 5:15 AM. Else it is 6:30 ish. I prefer
waking up to see two newspapers on my recliner or bed.

Times of India, Economic Times. I read, Speaking Tree, Business Section,
Sports columns and couple of comic strips. It is Economic Times that I read
paying more attention. All this happens while having a big mug of Coffee.

Then I walk to my laptop, to check (in that order) Gmail,,
Rediff Biz, Business Section of Samachar (which I love), Bloglines (Desipundit
and Boing Boing are a must), my office mail. Couple of random sites like
Yahoo movies (I always keep a tab on Box Office collections), Amazon, Wired
Google news etc.

Then its Loo time. I always have a copy of 'Business Week' in my Loo. I like
reading on the pot. I prefer to brush and take bath immediately after that.

By the time I am picking my clothes to wear I usually am hungry. I prefer to
have my meals early in the morning. Having breakfast and lunch is not for me.
My breakfast is a big meal. I get cranky when I am hungry. I am not at peace.

After having meal I rest in the recliner watching silly stuff like Oprah,
Animal Planet for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I take a quick nap
(10-15 minutes). By then my mind is usually hyper with tasks and
problems and to-dos.

Only then, only then, do I make calls or take calls and start yet another
day. :-)


Earth Monkey said...

morning shaga?

:-) said...

I have to admit that I omitted few details.