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Monday, March 27, 2006

AdMan's Ads -Two

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If I am not exaggerating, we can call Indian Telecom ad campaign,
Before Hutch and After Hutch. Also, on the same tone, we can call
the telecom Industry, before Reliance and after Reliance.

When Hutch Came, it came. Hutch filled every city with its beautiful,
clean, white orange logos. When RajaniKanth's movie Baba was released,
Hutch basically painted the theatre in Chennai with white and orange.
Everyone loved Hutch.

When Hutch aired, it aired a pug and a boy. Pug sales in India grew by
4000% after the campaign. Everyone loved the pug. Teenage girls sang,
You and I and its a beautiful world.

Hutch basically revolutionalized an Indian ad campaign. Fortunately for
Hutch's ad agency, the ads won awards and elite acceptance.
Unfortunately for Hutch, the ads were never understood by the masses
and more importantly, Hutch ads never sold services.

On the contrary, Reliance came with boring, ads that are right on the bang.
Hey, our calls cost so much. Hey, these are our latest phone models.
It was the same ad, month after month. Month after month. Reliance never
won any awards for its ads.

Reliance is number two in India after three short years.
Hutch is a distant four. (After the purchase of BPL and Essar).

Now, the admen of Hutch came up with something new. Pink. So it is another
Adman's ad campaign, that would win more awards but would never really
ad to the bottom line of the company.

Like mint economics, telecom has its own rules. By rule, all technological
companies lead by differentiating the 'choice' of the customer. You love Hutch
ads. But at the end of the day, when you want to buy a mobile phone, you
would look at two things. Coverage. Rates. Period.

When someone offers better coverage, better rates, better options, you switch.

Dell differentiated by offering this choice to the customers.
In a telecom economy, you need to let your customer 'know' the options.
Brownie points to Reliance. Poop on Hutch.

So, I concluded to LoveMe that, I call Reliance, as a matter of fact BSNL (whose
ads all elite loves to hate), SBI are successful ad campaigns.
I call Hutch, its pug, its little boy, all those funny mint ads that make you
laugh, duds.

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Adi said...

mebbe i agree to an extent

anyway, hutch had the best coverage and customer support when i was in India

:-) said...

Thats exactly the point too. Hutch has great features to offer. It should have been number three by now.

But there is a huge shift in the focus of hutch ads lately. They are more of informative lately. They ditched the dog. Which is good.

I said...

In each case, the catchy ad/the company that spends on it loses out on sales.

GM-Ford, Nike-Reebok etc etc

And the ones that get the Cannes Award- they are notorious for not impacting sales at all.

Twilight Fairy said...

Lot of posts out here! I see ... but there's none of the kind that I had expected to see :p

PS. Was out of action, was unwell since past sunday.

Anonymous said...

dear smiley ,

when u have the time comment.

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Twilight Fairy said...

nonick, u arent nonick anymore!

Anonymous said...

i know, but i hate to write poetry
under another name. initially i thght i'd make a fool out of myself but i guess its more painful to leave my poems scattered around like orphans.

:-) said...

Sigh. Its going to take a while to know this new person Maya. :-) Lovely name. To start with.

Ha! Nonick finally comes out. See Fairy, nonick is NOT ME. Do you believe me ATLEAST now?

nikita: I am glad you finally have your own blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

smiey: what are u doing over here? run to my blog and

iam still nonick here. nikita is too hot and maya too dramatic.

:-) said...

Hey I discovered some freshlime soda. :-)So you have more to compile ha! ?

cipher said...

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