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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Always On

Sigh. I am on. I got so tired of not being able to connect to the net.
I initiated this 'I should always be on' policy and unveiled it on, who
else?, my allInOneKrish.

So I am on. Always on now.

A Dell Inspiron connected to the net by a Reliance wireless modem
when I am on move.

A Toshiba connected to BSNL broadband at home.

Another Toshiba connected to Airtel at work.

(*Grin* Yeah, I have three laptops now. Because I hate disconnecting those
power cables.)

My IPaq always on with GPRS from Airtel.

Sify broadband connected to a locally assembled computer at the
other work place.

Tata Indicom broadband, once again to an assembled computer at my
Vijayawada office.

Rrrrrrrrriba rrrrriba.
Beep. Beep.


Earth Monkey said...

Congrats, now two of your laptops are as good as desktops...

Adi said...

you geek ;-)

:-) said...

monkey dude: Yeah, they are as good as dead man. One Laptops CD drive is broken. It can operate only in a network. :-)

adi: Geek. Thats the last thing I am man. I just got tired of not being able to access the net.

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