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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shreddy The Shredder

Shredder has his own page now. It could have been a blog.
But out of curiosity I used Google's page creator.

There are couple of posts that I wanted to finish.
One is Know Thyself, which is kind of Pseudo philosophically
comically surrealismistic post.

Another one is Green Apples. Green Apples need some
illustrations to tell.

Hopefully I will tell these stories one of these days.

Monkey, you are welcome to come up with your whacky

Here is the theme.
Master Smiley ordered Shredder to shred world's
information. Every time Shredder says 'woof' he turns
into ShredderMan. Nothing can stop him but an order
from Master Smiley.

A panel led by Master Yoda assigns Minor Yoda to embark
on a journey that involves travelling seven seas to reach and
protect The Oracle, which is Shredders final destination.

Whether Shredder shreds Oracle or not depends upon what
Oracle tells him.

Update # : What else? Shredder's page updated.


Patrix said...

I swear Shredder looks like Yoda

Earth Monkey said...

lol... that was a good one. :)

I'll be Shreddy's ghost writer? think I'm gonna cry. I'm not worthy O DogGod... I am not worthy...


:-) said...

Patrix: Now that you say...

Monkey: You are the one. I believe in you.

Prerona said...

page creator?

:-) said...

Of all the questions you ask me this?:-)
Google recently started something calle Google Page Creator. First come first served. I got served. :-) its similar to Geocities, but google ishtyle.

Twilight Fairy said...

hmmm.. smiley creates a page and shredder shreds it. Construction and destruction. Now where does AOL fit?

Anonymous said...

smiley: do i get to woof woof poems by Shredder ?


Ash said...

Oh my god, he is sooooo cute !! I bet he acts as a babe magnet for you :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oh those puppy eyes!!! can i steal him, please? :-) he's the definition of cute.


Shredder said...

Faily: Shhh. Massa Smiley is sleeping. Sometimes sleep in his, massa says Faily, Faily.

AOL? Must Shred AOL. Woof. Woof.

:-) said...

nikita: Sure. His latest Haiku is so profound.



Your ass
*Sniff Sniff*
Smells good today.

:-) said...

ash: Yeah, he is a cute dog with a hot master. No wonder he is a confused man. :-)

Candy: Why steal? You can HAVE him. THe only String attached would be ME. :-)
Come. Lets play.

Anonymous said...

shredder likes to rap too
*profound silence*
woof woof woof
woof woof

roughly translated:

oh give me my bone
dont sit by the phone

oh you think iam cool
but hey indian fool

iam not france
just looka my face
iam rabbit from Erode

Shredder said...

Woof, woof, woof.

Rabbit, Bobbit, Hobbit.
Trash it.
I am IT.

Earth Monkey said...


Twilight Fairy said...

OMG!! who let the dogs out??

Anonymous said...

fairy: woof woof

translated as:

oh fairy
please tarry
and write doggy
some poetry

now where is lee
oh where is she?
did she hurt her knee
or still mad at smilee?

and what about alpha
has she flown away to Jaffna
(hopeless, but its dog rap)
please tell her to hurry
oh stop making curry
come join the party
and sing me a ditty.

and where is gabby?
gone to buy nappy?
come lets get happy
by being rappy!


:-) said...

Oh baby,
why Fairy
nonick is in
good nick

Lee on this weekend
with a blocked broadband
hit a deadend

alpha and her sweetie pi
are busy and you know why
they will as you know
do anything for a few dollars more

Prerona said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Prerona said...

what do you mean 'of all questions'? Thanks for the explanation. Sad that they are all taken now! :(