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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shredder Art

Now, beat this!

Art by Smiley. Dedicated to my buddy Shredder.


Prerona said...

wow! thats v good! didnae know u were so talented!

:-) said...

Thank you baby. But I must confess that that picture was an accident.

CoolCat said...

sure..but only if you sign a pre-nup granting me full custody of Shredder.

p.s. i got myself a place now, playing house should not be a problem now, eh?

:-) said...

Done. Alrighty then, what are we waiting for?

CoolCat said...

We'd start as soon as I get back from Spring Break. What say you? :-)

:-) said...

Sure baby. Meanwhile I will getmyself in shape.

*starts push ups*