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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Love You

Lets say for the sake of a fantasy, I get what I want.
I would get this island. (Roughly 110 Crores). I will take her
there on a surprise blindfolded helicopter ride.

I would tell her, I love you.
And what do you think? Is this an ideal nest for us to

(The above shown island is for sale. Its in Fiji. Now all I need
is a girl that I love. A girl who loves me.)


:-) said...

Yummy: I mean, isnt it yummy?

Fairy: Just imagine a full moon night on this private island! Lets add some sweet red wine and a sizzling promphet. And ofcourse a sizzling you.

Megha: Forget the noise. Wouldnt you love to blog from here and win more awards?

:..M..: said...

For an island like that? AND your romantic idea?? I love you Smiley. ;)

Earth Monkey said...

A girl smiles??? but Patrix is a guy... ;)

:-) said...

Yummy: Alrighty baby. You are on board. :-)

:-) said...

Monkey: Life is unfair dude. Just imagine all the lovely conversation patrix and I would have had walking on those beaches.

If not for a girl who looks like a cute mouse. Sigh.

Earth Monkey said...

Dude, cast a big enough net and you are sure to catch something ;) 110 crores did ya say? Hot damn!!! I love you too man. From the bottom of my empty bank account :))))) lol

Prerona said...

so sweet! all the best

:-) said...

pre: yeah, deal bengali hottie. wouldnt it be sweet . mmmm?