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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Smiley Says

Routine is God.


  1. Here is a list of worlds top selling drugs. Whats interesting is they ALL are lifestyle related. So its just the environment that we are putting under pressure. :-)
  2. Looks like this is the season of lists. About future stuff at In 1997 I dreamt of a device thats basically a mobile phone, wirelessly connected to the broadband, involves flippable, foldable epaper and auto language translator. Most of the stuff became a reality. Just somehow, someone needs to figure out that foldable, flippable electronic screen.
  3. I dont know where these guys come up with this stuff. But this is seriously cute stuff.
  4. These guys have something say about how to succeed in emerging markets, yeah, they mean, in India and China.


Prerona said...

rountine is good - feels sad when it breaks :)

Anonymous said...

ok....i know am so gonna regret asking this, but what exactly do you mean by "Come. Let's Play"? :-)


:-) said...

Pre: Thats my new realization. Routine is God. I learned it from chicken.

Candy: Lets play mom and dad. I promise you wont regret it.