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Friday, March 10, 2006

Foo Bar

Three weeks back

So thats my plan. I gave the rough sketch to Vinny. Vinny who usually would
jump into it, quiet uncharacteristically gave me a sarcastic smile.

Its not going to work.

I was disappointed and hurt. Why not? Atleast half of it can be implemented.
No. I am not tempted. Its not going to happen.

Three weeks minus one day back

So thats my plan. I gave the rough sketch to Zee. Zee donning his wise man role
just nodded. Now Zee, tell me how it cannot be done?

The total cost Smiley. We need fucking one and half million dollars, all in cash to
do this. And you are so broke right now.

Yeah, cant we raise cash?
Let us be a little realistic here.

Two weeks back

Thats my plan. I handed it to Dr Rao. He pointed out to couple of blanks. If you
can do this, this and this, then it can be done.

One week back

Zee, do this, this and this. I have done the ground work. Now its your turn.

Four days back

Smiley, this and this are done. We still have this to do. But its impossible.

Two days back

I shook hands with the CEO of one of the subsidiaries of a three thousand crore
(3000,00,00,000) Indian giant. Then I sat in their Directors room explaining
COO why they are so lucky to get me. Then I told them, Not just one. I want
both. Both the projects. And of course exclusivity.

I cant believe I am signing on this document. You are so inexperienced.
COO shook his head. Sign it. I encouraged.

On my flight back

Zee, I signed on both the projects. Not just that, I gave them post dated checks.
Now, you have get that this done. We have no other go.
Holy fucking shit. Congrats. But I mean holy fucking shit.
Yeah lots of holi fucking shit.

One day back aka yesterday

Its done. Said Zee.
I smiled.
But you will have to convince them tomorrow evening. I have arranged a meeting.
Convince? I am going to make them beg us. Now, rest your soul.

The Dream, I said, The Great Indian Dream has arrived.


Anonymous said...


Earth Monkey said...

Parteee... :D

A billion here a billion there, and someday it turns into real money ;)

:-) said...

anon: Thank you. Yup, I do deserve congrats. :-)

Monkey: My good friend, what can I say? That comment is worth a billion. I am saving it to my quote book.

Earth Monkey said...

Cant take credit for that one da... I read it somewhere sometime :) Been a million years since I did anything original :)

:-) said...

never mind. My quote book has credited you.