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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quantum Tears

I was watching Oprah the other day.
(Confession: When no one is around, sometimes I watch Oprah :-I)

It was about "your wildest dream coming true". Just like in every
episode, Oprah had a list of interesting candidates. Of all, an
eighteen year old black girl caught my emotion.

She was deserted by her family three years back. She is been
living on the streets since then. She was harassed several times.
She occassionally gets shelter from a cousin or a friend. All she
wants to do is finish her graduation. No one from her family
ever graduated. She grew up the last three years idolizing
Oprah as her mom. She has this fantasy, if you can call it so,
to hug Oprah atleast once. Hmm She also wants to look pretty
once, for a change, because she thinks, she is pretty. She is
tired of her blue jeans and blue coat.

She was innocent and honest in her intentions.

On Oprah's request America's top model (dont remember her name)
went to her college to surprise the black girl. Model met the girl
and offered free classes in modellign by top dogs. Top dogs took
her photos and made a fantastic portfolio. Model also gifted her a
designer wardrobe that would last two months if she doesnt wear
the same clothes agian. She was called on Oprah' s show and Oprah
hugged her. Her portfolio came out so well, she was offered job as
a model by a top agency. A women's magazine offered to put her
on her cover. And they did. A white woman offered to adopt her
to see through her gradutation. Ne need, said the university. The
university paid for her graduation. All this happened as a surprise
to that girl.

She hugged Oprah and cried.
I cried too.

I suddenly came to senses, wiped my tears and looked around. I
was so embarassed, I didnt know what to do.

So I called Vinny.

Dude, when was the last time you cried?
Whats wrong with you man? I told you not to stay at home alone.
Please, when was the last time you cried?

Err. I was watching Oprah and cried.
Why the fcuk are you watching Oprah?
All those chicks cheering and shouting Oprah turn me on man. I lied.
You know what? There is a hot anchor who is doing Tring Tring Top Ten
in Gemini TV. She is wild in bed it seems. Shall I book her for you?
No thanks, I can take care of myself. Tell me, when was the last time
you cried?

Ok. But you shouldnt make fun later.
Go ahead.

Finding Nemo. When Nemo gets stuck in that tube I got so upset, I cried.
You gottobe kidding. Oprah is Ok. Crying in a Pixar movie?
Hello? I thought we agreed on something.
Yeah. Yeah. Yes, sometimes movies make you funny.
I have another confession to make. Remember Lakshya? When Hrithik makes
that call to his dad, I cried so much.
Thats nothing. Remember Chalte Chalte? When Shah Rukh slaps Rani, I had
tears running down like a leaking pipe, down my cheeks.
Worse. King Kong. King Kong man. I cried when King Kong died.


You think this is normal? I mean, are we normal?
I dont know.
Ok. Hang up. I want to call Eddie.
I want to know when was the last time he cried.

Are you out of your minds? If you tell this anyone, we will be fried for the
rest of our lives.
You think so?
I swear so. This is between us. To the end.
To the end.

Sigh. I feel a little lighter man.
Sigh. Me too.


Leela said...

Cry babies!

:-) said...

Come on. I never cried after that Oprah. I am pretty sure I never will.

Earth Monkey said...

lol @ leela...

Smiles babe, what's your cup size. I'll get you some fancy langerie from pardes... Bet you'd look HOT :)))))

Prerona said...

:) and i cried reading this. so cute!

alpha said...

please please..dont make smiley wear a'll make me cry for sure.

awww @ post. poor vinny, the things we know abt him now. maybe i could make money blackmailing the both of you.

:-) said...

Pre: :-)

alpha: Aha..You couldnt resist imagining me in a bra. Did you?

:-) said...

Hey how come no boyd is appreciating my post title. Thats a very smart title.

Deepali said...

very amusing. I wish I could get my guy friends into such confessions and blackmail 'em after ;) =D!

:-) said...

a beer or two usually does the trick Dee.

Anonymous said...

awesome post buddy. something similar happened to me the other day. yes, the culprit was Oprah in my case to..

:-) said...

See Leela! I have company here.

Deepali said...

smiley I must get them drunk then is it?

shouldn't be too hard i think !

chitra said...

Oh...there goes the image of the stereotypical man down the drain :) !

Anonymous said...

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Artful Badger said...

Interesting. What about it being between the two till the end? Unless the end is very near ;)..

sdRay said...

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